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A place for you to start or continue your education in bariatric nutrition. Whether you are wanting to have a solid foundation or additional knowledge in other subject areas in the world of metabolic and bariatric surgery, I'm here to support you. By combining both my years of experience and evidence, you'll be able to provide practical solutions to your patients as you expand your knowledge with me.

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Katie Chapmon


As a registered dietitian with 10+ years specializing in bariatric surgery nutrition, collaborating and training other practitioners and advising on bariatric center operations, I saw firsthand the needs for a program to empower practitioners to personalize bariatric nutrition recommendations and an intimate community for learning and support.

"My recent consult with Katie was well worth the investment."

“With all of her years of experience, Katie told me in half an hour what I could have spent hours researching on my own. Her expertise in the field of bariatric surgery is invaluable. To make my consult most effective, I shared all my client case study information with Katie beforehand. After thoroughly discussing the case study, my confidence level in working with this client increased profoundly. Working with Katie has positively impacted my practice, and I highly recommend her as a go-to resource for bariatric surgery. I look forward to working with her again, and I'm looking forward to her online educational program for dietitians.”

Alicia Connor, MA, RDN & Chef

“I just started my position as a bariatric RD and took this course in the first 2 weeks that I got hired on. My background is in critical care and nutrition support. Bariatrics have always terrified me because, of course, those coming to me in the critical care setting were generally severely malnourished with many symptomatic nutrient deficiencies, and nutrition support was always a lot more challenging for this population. This course has set a tremendous foundation for the work I’ve done over the last few months, and I find myself going back to your videos and slides and my notes from your class at times. ”

Leanne Sapad-Trevino, MS, RD, CNSC

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