About the course

Gut Health is such an important component of metabolism, weight loss and other health conditions such as insulin resistance.   There's been an increased focus and research in this area, which can help practitioners address the microbiome in overall patient care.  

In this course, I combine both evidence and my experience to break down the microbiome itself, what may occur after bariatric surgery, and some of my tried and true tricks of nutrition and supplementation. Lastly, I'll end with reviewing microbiome testing for those that may be looking at this additional tool.

Although the focus is on bariatric surgery, this course can be useful for anyone wanting to get further education on how to address the microbiome and its relation to obesity and other chronic conditions.  

What You'll Learn

  • Science of the Microbiome

    Explore the 'hot topic' that is the microbiome and its relation to obesity, bariatric surgery, chronic diseases, and mental health

  • Nutrition and supplementation recommendations

    Evidence and experience backed guidance to improve patient's gut health through food and supplementation

  • Understand Microbiome Testing

    As knowledge about the microbiome grows, testing can be an additional tool to assess your patient's flora for targeted solutions to improve symptoms and disease states.